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BTU International Partners with ANS

Jul 19, 2023Jul 19, 2023

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BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ANS-answer elektronik-Service- & Vertriebs GmbH (ANS-answer elektronik) as its reflow oven distributor in Germany.

ANS-answer elektronik is a highly respected provider of electronic components and services, offering comprehensive solutions to customers across various industries. With a reputation built on expertise, reliability and exceptional customer support, ANS-answer elektronik has established itself as a trusted partner in the electronics manufacturing market.

“BTU is proud that we have been selected by ANS as their new reflow oven supplier,” said Oliver Wehner, European sales manager for BTU International. “This partnership will further expand our presence in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. “ANS will be able to offer complete SMT lines as well as standalone reflow soldering ovens and provide excellent local support to our existing and new customers. This is perfect timing to coincide with our new Aurora reflow oven platform launch.”

“We are very pleased to get the opportunity to add the BTU reflow soldering systems to our portfolio,” said Sebastian Glitsch, general manager of ANS. “The BTU systems are known for superior thermal performance, high reliability, and extremely low maintenance requirements. We have been successfully selling assembly automation throughout Europe for nearly 30 years and have long been one of the full-range suppliers. With excellent technology and superior service, we meet the highest requirements of our well-known customers. All systems are available for evaluation in our fully equipped demonstration center.”

This partnership represents a strategic development for both BTU International and ANS-answer elektronik, combining BTU’s cutting-edge reflow oven technology with ANS-answer elektronik’s extensive network and market knowledge in Germany. BTU’s reflow ovens are renowned for precision, flexibility, and energy efficiency, delivering superior results in the reflow soldering process while meeting the most demanding industry standards.

The collaboration between BTU International and ANS-answer elektronik will bring enhanced value to electronics manufacturers in Germany. Customers can expect top-of-the-line reflow ovens accompanied by ANS-answer elektronik’s technical expertise, on-site support and responsive customer service. This partnership will drive increased efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the electronics manufacturing sector throughout Germany.