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BTU International Adds Manufacturing for Reflow Ovens in Mexico

Jul 20, 2023Jul 20, 2023

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BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, announced today the capability to manufacture reflow ovens in Mexico.

“Mexico is an extremely important part of our customer base,” said Rob DiMatteo, General Manager of BTU International. “By entering into an exclusive contract with an existing sub-contractor in Mexico, this allows us to be more responsive to our many customers in the region and has us shipping Pyramax reflow ovens rapidly – as soon as next month,” added DiMatteo.

BTU has partnered exclusively with a contract manufacturer in Mexico and has entered into a contractual agreement with standardized pricing and lead-times securing a stable forecast for reflow oven capacity in the region. The manufacturing facility holds ISO-9001 certification and has advanced manufacturing capabilities including electrostatic painting, welding, and laser cutting. The first units being produced in Mexico by BTU are Pyramax125 air capable units – as production ramps additional reflow oven models will be added based on customer demand.

BTU’s contract manufacturing partner in Mexico is an established, vertically integrated manufacturer located in central Mexico. In addition to the agreement with BTU, the manufacturer has existing business with other industrial and large automotive customers – necessitating compliance with international quality standards. In addition, within the contract manufacturing agreement, BTU’s partner is restricted from making products that directly compete with BTU. BTU will also leverage this agreement to enable greater capacity and cost savings in the supply chain for its other North American operations.