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Reflow Oven 8 Zones SMD Reflow Oven for LED Tube Bulb Light Driver PCB SMT Assembly Line Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven 8 Zones SMD Reflow Oven for LED Tube Bulb Light Driver PCB SMT Assembly Line Reflow Oven

Overview Product introducion 800M SMT Reflow Soldering Machine 1. It adopts LCD computer + Intelligent Siemens control s
Basic Info.
Model NO. SD-800M
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification 4800*1100*1450mm
Trademark SD
Origin China
HS Code 8515809090
Production Capacity 10000
Product Description

Reflow Oven 8 Zones SMD Reflow Oven for LED Tube Bulb Light Driver PCB SMT Assembly Line Reflow Oven

Product introducion

800M SMT Reflow Soldering Machine

1. It adopts LCD computer + Intelligent Siemens control system and adopts modular temperature control system with high precision of ± 1 °C (if the computer crashes accidentally, it can work offline without affecting production) , which guarantees the stability and reliability of the Control System;2. Windows 7 operating interface, powerful, easy to operate, and with a key reduction system;3. The upper furnace body is opened with a double cylinder jacking machine to ensure safety and reliability4. Equipped with net belt tension device, smooth transportation, no jitter, no distortion, to ensure smooth PCB transportation;5. The transmission mechanism of synchronous Guide Rail (can connect with automatic mounter on-line) to ensure accurate width adjustment of guide rail, High Service Life and anti-button curve;6. Manual control lubrication system, refueling time manually controlled by the amount of oil, lubrication transmission chain;7. All heating areas are PID controlled by computer (can be divided into separate temperature areas opened separately. Can Be divided to reduce the starting power, heating time 10-15 minutes) ;8. The network/chain transmission is controlled by computer in full closed loop, which can meet the needs of different kinds of PCB production9. Has the breakdown sound and light alarm function (uses the LED lamp) ;10. BUILT-IN UPS and automatic delay shutdown system to ensure that the PCB and reflow soldering machine in power failure or overheating from damage;11. It adopts the world-leading hot air circulation heating mode of Heller, high-efficiency pressurization type accelerating air duct, greatly improves the circulation hot air flow rate, raises the temperature quickly, has high thermal compensation efficiency, can carry on the high temperature welding and curing;12. Temperature zone is equipped with independent temperature sensor, real-time monitoring and compensation of the temperature balance of the temperature zone;13. Have Password Management of the operating system, to prevent unrelated personnel change process parameters, operation records management traceable process parameters change, easy to improve management. The utility model can store the user's existing temperature speed setting and the temperature curve under the setting, and can print all the data and the curve;14. Integrated Control Window, computer switch, test curve, print curve and transfer data are easy to operate, design humanization. Equipped with three-channel temperature curve on-line testing system, it can test the actual temperature curve of the welding object at any time (without additional temperature curve Tester) ;15. The rapid cooling system, which comes from international technology, adopts magnifier type concentrated and high efficient rapid cooling, the cooling rate can reach 4 ~ 8 °C/SEC, so it is very convenient to manage and ensure the crystallization effect of solder joint16. Rosin Recovery System: set up the Rosin Recovery System in the constant temperature zone of the inlet and preheating zone of the furnace body, and set waste gas recovery system in the reflux zone and cooling zone, the maintenance operation is convenient, quick and flexible. The special pipe is used to transport the waste gas17. Specially designed pressurized air transport structure and shaped heating wire design, no noise, no vibration, with high heat exchange rate, the temperature difference △t between BGA bottom and PCB board is extremely small, most in line with the strict requirements of lead-free process, especially for high-difficulty welding requirements of lead-free products.
Product Parameters:
Serial NumberModel Number(MODEL)SD-800M
Airframe Parameter GENEAL
1Body Size4800*1100*1450mm
2Airframe Color731, clear sky
4Warm ZoneThere are 16 total hot air pressurization temperature zones in the upper 8 temperature zone and the lower 8 temperature zone
5Length of Heating Zone3140mm
Febrile Part
1Total Power38KW
2Starting Power 28KW
3No-load constant temperature power about 5-7 kw
4The indoor heating time is about15 minutes
5The constant temperature stable time is about 2 min
6Heating Wirespiral 2-position integrated straight drawer type, high quality heating wire group imported from Japan, fast heat exchange, long life, high heat utilization.
7Frequency Converter The hot air frequency is controlled by 2 Japanese Matsushita precision frequency converters, and the frequency of the frequency converter is adjusted according to the production products to change the wind speed, so that the product quality is more reliable,
8Hot Air Motor
Taiwan Sanyue High Temperature Motor, three-phase AC220/380V 125W , Speed 2800 RPM
9Supercharging WindThe use of turbocharging, double outlet, three-layer uniform wind system to increase the wind speed pressure, so that wind speed stability, temperature stability, better welding effect.
10Hot Air ModeAdopt the world's leading hot air circulation technology, reasonable use of hot air circulation through turbocharging to make hot air stable; High recycling rate of thermal efficiency, that is, energy saving and stable. When a large number of PCB passes through, the temperature curve on each PCB is always consistent with the temperature curve when only one board passes through. The heating repetition precision is extremely high, which is very suitable for the characteristics of small process space in lead-free process (improved by imported furnace technology).
Transport System
1Transport Network BandwidthStainless steel 316 # 450mm wide
2Transport StructureTwo synchronous modes of belt conveyor and guideway chain conveyor
3Direction of TransmissionLeft to right (can be customized right to left)
4Chain Height
5Guide RailSuper-small, hardened, special treatment, anti-distortion, small heat absorption
6Chain Extension
About 10 mm
7Chain Lubrication SystemManual oil dripping system with double oil cups
8Chain TensionerTension wheel automatically tightens
9Webbing TensionerAutomatic tension
10Transmission Converter0.4 KW Matsushita frequency converter precision control, transmission smooth non-jitter
11Transmission SpeedThe industrial control RS485 controls the transmission speed
Cooling and Extraction System
1Cooling QuantityAn independent supercharged air-cooled, External axial-flow fan cooling
2Length of Cooling ZoneSupercharged air-cooled 500mm, external axial fan 250mm
3Air Volume Requirement500-1000 cubic hours (customer outboard)
4Rosin Recovery System

After the rosin is extracted between the warm zones, it is discharged through the double row network port through the filter

5Recycling Bin

One recycling box system for front and rear (built-in filter)

Control System
1IPC Host special IPC + special CPU + solid state hard disk
2Industrial Control SystemWindows 7 interface
3Display UnitAOC 21 inches 19:1

Germany Siemens CPU+ precision temperature module +IO output module

5Temperature ControlEach temperature zone is independently controlled by temperature module PID + pulse + SSR
6Alarm SystemOver-temperature red light, buzzer alarm, low-temperature yellow light warning, normal temperature red light display
7Software Operating SystemShengdian reflow oven special control software system V8.8.2002
8Thermocanonical LineThree groups of precision curve testing, curve analysis, printing function
9System ParameterSystem parameters can be set, modified, stored, temperature and speed parameters
10Temperature Setting LimitRoom temperature.-350 degrees
11Transfer Rate Set0-2.2M
12Hot Air Frequency Setting0-50Hz
13Operation PageIt's password-protected
Product Description

Reflow Oven 8 Zones SMD Reflow Oven for LED Tube Bulb Light Driver PCB SMT Assembly Line Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven 8 Zones SMD Reflow Oven for LED Tube Bulb Light Driver PCB SMT Assembly Line Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven 8 Zones SMD Reflow Oven for LED Tube Bulb Light Driver PCB SMT Assembly Line Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven 8 Zones SMD Reflow Oven for LED Tube Bulb Light Driver PCB SMT Assembly Line Reflow Oven

Maintenance and repair
(1) High temperatureThe machine is easy to malfunction in the high temperature environmentthus affects the production. Manufacturers do not know the cause of thecase that is mechanical damage, only normal use, attention tomaintenance and micro-repair, these mechanical failure control.(2) Voltage problemAfter-sales service manufacturers often encounter customer response tomechanical failure, such as mechanical heating can not work, unable torotate control display instability. The causes of the above failures, inaddition to a few poor quality, most of the voltage is not enough, capacityis not enough, line aging and lead to imbalance between circuits. If it isnot repaired in time, the machine will burn out.(3) Professional maintenanceEquipment professional electrical maintenance personnel, regularmaintenance and repair of machinery. Can also be under the guidancof manufacturers to do a good job in the daily maintenance and regulamaintenance of machinery.


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