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ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949 Approved Shenzhen SMT Factory PCBA/EMS Service for Medical Device

ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949 Approved Shenzhen SMT Factory PCBA/EMS Service for Medical Device

Have a PCBA/EMS project,why schoose Hongzhou Eletronics? Hongzhou Eletronics Introduction and factory tour Hongzhou Elec
Basic Info.
Model NO. HZ-300021
Condition New
Transport Package Anti-Static Bag Packaging + Carton Box
Specification 146mm x 152mm x 165mm
Trademark HZ
Origin China
HS Code 8534001000
Production Capacity 1000000PCS/Year
Product Description
Have a PCBA/EMS project,why schoose Hongzhou Eletronics?

ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949 Approved Shenzhen SMT Factory PCBA/EMS Service for Medical Device

Hongzhou Eletronics Introduction and factory tour

ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949 Approved Shenzhen SMT Factory PCBA/EMS Service for Medical Device

Hongzhou Electronics was established in 2005,we are ISO9001,ISO13485,IATF16949 certified factory,specializing in high quality PCBA OEM & ODM,electronic manufacturing services,and Smart Kiosk turnkey solution. Our headquarter and factory are located in Baoan District Shenzhen City, with 150+ employees and over 6000 shopfloor. Globally, we have offices and warehouses in Hongkong, London, Hungary and USA.

We have more than 15 years' experience in PCBA contract manufacturing, professionally providing SMT, DIP, MI, AI, PCB assembling, conformal coating, final product assembling, testing, material procurement ,and one stop services such as wire harness, sheetmetal , plastic injection to make up complete product for customers. Our factory has a number of lines of SMT, assembly and testing, well-equipped with brand-newly imported Juki and Samsung SMT machine, full-automatic solder paste printing machine, ten temperature zone reflow oven and wave-soldering oven. Our factory is also equipped with AOI, XRAY, SPI, ICT, full-automatic splitting machine, BGA rework station and conformal coating machine, with air conditioner and dust-free workshop and lead-free manufacturing process. We have passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system, IATF16949:2016 automotive industry quality management system and ISO13485:2016 medical device quality management system.
Our PCBA and products are widely used in industrial control, medical device, food equipment, laser module, communication device, PLC module, transducer module, traffic control, automobile, smart home system, smart POS. We cooperate with worldwide clients and have long-term cooperated customers in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia etc. which can be your reference.
PCB capabilities:
-1500mm long board PCB (FR4 and aluminium)
- FR4, 1 to 49 layer PCB either with HDI.
- 2 layer aluminium PCB
- Quick turn: 2L with 24 hours, 4L with 48 hours, 6L with 72 hours, 8L with 96 hours
- No min. order quantity, even 1 piece is workable.

PCBA capabilities:
-Components sourcing
-SMT & DIP assembly including BGA assembly
-Accepted SMD chips: 01005, BGA, QFP, QFN, TSOP
-Component height: 0.2-25 mm
-Min packing: 0201
-Min distance among BGA: 0.25-2.0 mm
-Min BGA size: 0.1-0.63 mm
-Min QFP space: 0.35mm
-Pick-placement precision: ±0.01 mm
-Placement capability: 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201
-High pin count press fit available
-SMT capacity per day: 7,000,000 points
Our advantagesSuperior QualityISO9001 certified company, We have a very robust quality system and professional quality team;Reliable Supply Chain,We have established long-term strategic cooperation with the top electronic components manufacturers all over the world, such as Xilinx, TI, Avnet, Future and etc;High manufacturing capability, our PCB can reach a max layers of 64, minimum placement component size can meet 0201 and minimum placement spacing of BGA can meet 0.3mm;We have complete inspection and testing for PCBA, including SPI,AOI,ICT,FCT,X-RAY,ROHS and aging.

ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949 Approved Shenzhen SMT Factory PCBA/EMS Service for Medical Device

Fast TurnaroundWe offer fast and opened BOM quotation to customers;10 years of cooperation experience with European and North American clients, quickly and professionally respond customer requirements.Turnkey ServiceWe professionally offer the service of PCB Assembly (SMT, DIP, MI, AI), component procurement, product final assembly, testing, PCBA conformal coating, electronic product design and peripheral products support, etc;
Our factory is located in Shenzhen, and besides we have warehouses in Hongkong, Europe and North America. We can prepare boards at the warehouse which is close to the customer and afford Kanban service according to customer requirements.
IP Protection
Strong believe in IP protection with proven records
Your satisfaction is our ambitions,and your believing in us is our goal!

Hongzhou Eletronics is a full-service contract manufacturer specializing in the manufacturing and support of complex electronic medical devices. Since 2005, our company has specialized in this uniquely demanding field and has invested considerable resources in order to become your premier medical electronics solution.

ISO9001,IATF16949,ISO13485 Quality Assurance Management Systems:
Recognized manufacturer to domestic and international safety standards
Full lot traceability for products and process non-conformances
Comprehensive device history record archival process
Comprehensive risk management process for manufactured products
Design for manufacturability (DFM) review early in the fulfillment cycle

ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949 Approved Shenzhen SMT Factory PCBA/EMS Service for Medical Device

Medical PCB & PCBA Application

PCB electronic products have made tremendous contributions to the medical industry as diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic equipment. The medical applications of these electronic devices continue to evolve with the development of electronic technology and become more efficient and dense, resulting in unlimited new possibilities. The core of these medical devices is the PCB. PCBs in the medical industry are highly specialized to adapt to the unique constraints of medical devices. In many medical applications, a small package is needed to meet the size requirements of implants or emergency room monitors. Therefore, medical PCBs are often special high-density interconnect PCBs, also known as HDI PCBs. Medical PCBs can also be made from flexible substrates, allowing the PCB to bend during use, which is essential for both internal and external medical equipment
Due to the health effects associated with it, medical PCB standards are higher than most other PCB types. Repeatability and reliability are the two basic elements that medical PCB suppliers must achieve, in addition to complying with strict medical regulations.
The development of medical PCB applications is as fast as the medical device industry itself. Some of the most common medical PCB applications include
Monitors: Personal and medical monitors contain PCBs, including blood glucose monitors, heart rate and blood pressure monitors, etc.
Scanning technology: CT scanners and ultrasonic technology usually use PCB-based electronic equipment.
Control system: The equipment that controls fluid infusion, flow and distribution is electronically controlled.
Internal equipment: pacemakers and similar internal medical equipment maintain the health of patients through tiny PCBs in the center.

Scientific Instruments: Medical research uses many scientific instruments to study diseases and test the results of patients. These include electron microscopes for generators and compressors, photometers and control systems, etc.

ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949 Approved Shenzhen SMT Factory PCBA/EMS Service for Medical Device

Product Experience:
Blood gas monitoring
Respiratory care
RF patient alarm systems
Pain management systems
EKG monitoring
Liquid handling equipment
Blood pressure monitoring
Drug delivery systems
Imaging systems and much more!

Hongzhou Electronics will continue to maintain the refined management mode, further improve the management mechanism, and strive to create better quality, higher-end products. At the same time, make the company continue to develop in a better direction.
Have an industry or medical PCBA project, contact us today.