Hot Sale Lifting Automatic Guide Vehicle Agv Transfer Robot

Hot Sale Lifting Automatic Guide Vehicle Agv Transfer Robot

Overview Hot Sale Lifting Automatic Guide Vehicle AGV Transfer Robot technology parameter The AGV is equipped with an au
Basic Info.
Model NO. YBAGV043
Robort Size 960*680*350mm
Charger 54V 3A
Body Material 4mm Plastic Spraying on Metal
Robort Weight 80kg
Ultrasonic Wave Sensor 2cm to 6m Non-Contact Ranging
Battery Life 8 Hours
Depth Camera Intel 3D 3in1 Somatosensory Camera
Laser Radar Slam
Load Capacity Max 400kg
Color Custimized
Transport Package Custimized
Specification Base on order quantity
Trademark OEM/YUNBO
Origin China
HS Code 8428904000
Production Capacity 10000sets/Year
Product Description

Hot Sale Lifting Automatic Guide Vehicle AGV Transfer Robot

Battery Capacity36Ah
Battery life8H
Charge modemanual/automatic
Charge time2h
quick-stop controlsupport
Audible and visual alarm promptsupport
Collosion avoidanceoptional
7-inch display screenoptional
Drivedifferential speed of two wheels
Wheels4 or 6

technology parameter

The AGV is equipped with an automatic guidance system, which can ensure that the system can automatically drive along a predetermined route without manual navigation, and automatically transport goods or materials from the starting point to the destination. Another feature of AGV is good flexibility, high degree of automation and high level of intelligence. The driving route of AGV can be flexibly changed according to changes in storage space requirements, production process and other changes, and the change of operation route is at very low cost. AGV is generally equipped with a loading and unloading mechanism that can automatically interface with other logistics equipment to realize the entire process of loading and unloading and handling of goods and materials. In addition, AGV also has the characteristics of clean production. AGV relies on its own battery to provide power. It has no noise and pollution during operation, and can be applied in many places that require a clean working environment.

A rotatable laser scanner is installed, and a laser positioning mark with a highly reflective plate is installed on the wall or pillar along the running path. The AGV relies on the laser scanner to emit a laser beam, and then receives the laser beam reflected by the surrounding positioning marks. The on-board computer calculates the current position of the vehicle and the direction of movement, and compares it with the built-in digital map to correct the orientation, thereby achieving automatic handling. If the laser scanner is replaced with an infrared transmitter or an ultrasonic transmitter, the laser-guided AGV can be changed into an infrared-guided AGV and an ultrasonic-guided AGV.
It is equipped with a CCD camera and sensors, and an on-board computer is provided with an image database of the surrounding environment of the AGV driving route. During the AGV driving process, the camera dynamically obtains the image information of the vehicle's surroundings and compares it with the image database to determine the current position and make a decision on the next driving. Since this AGV does not require any physical path to be set artificially, it has theoretically good guidance flexibility. With the rapid development of computer image acquisition, storage, and processing technology, this AGV is becoming more and more practical.
Warehousing industry
Automatic handling of incoming goods and components
Efficiently, accurately and flexibly complete material handling tasks. And a flexible logistics handling system can be composed of multiple AGVs, and the handling route can be adjusted in time with the adjustment of the production process. Mechanical processing, home appliance production, microelectronics manufacturing, cigarettes and other industries, the production and processing field has become the most widely used field of AGV.
Post office, library, port terminal and airport
AGV's parallel operation, automation, intelligence, and flexibility characteristics can well meet the transportation requirements of the above-mentioned occasions with large changes in workload, strong dynamics, frequent adjustment of the operating process, and single handling operations.
Hazardous locations and special industries
Based on AGV's autonomous driving, it integrates other detection and dis-assembly equipment, which can be used for battlefield demining and position reconnaissance. Transportation in the nuclear radiation area can avoid dangerous radiation, and can also accurately and reliably transport goods in dark environments.
AGV Intelligent Management System
The interface of the system is friendly, professional and beautiful. It is with open menu management to set parameters easily. According to the actual situation of the scene, it is also easy to change the simulation picture to make the display more vivid. After a long period of running and continuous optimization, the performance is more stable and reliable.
Required features:
1.Overall monitoring function, monitor the status of all AGV vehicles in the area
2.Monitor and control, monitor the working status and alarm information of single-volume vehicles
3.Traffic control to manage the operation of multiple AGs to avoid AGV connection
4. Task scheduling function, which can implement AGV scheduling according to other external information
5. Docking with the outside world can realize data sharing and data docking
6. AGV abnormal alarm record function
7. Dynamic map and display function, real-time display of AGV location
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