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Left with lumpy pillows after washing them? Fear not... there's a brilliant way to fix them

Dec 20, 2023Dec 20, 2023

MRS HINCH fans have come to the rescue of a woman who has been left frustrated after sticking her pillows in the washing machine.

The woman took to social media to share her problem with cleaning whizzes, explaining that she had been assured that it would be “fine”.

However, the results of her actions speak for themselves as she posted a photo of her pillow looking lumpy and sad.

In the caption, she shared her annoyance at how it had turned out and blamed people who had told her it would be fine.

“I have never been confident of washing pillows in the washing machine,” she started.

“but have been assured its fine here is my result which is far from fine,” she added.

People rushed to the comments section, with some left in hysterics over her dilemma while others shared helpful suggestions on how to fix the issue.

In an attempt to help, one person wrote: “They are easy to shake back into.shape... then just line hang to dry”.

Another said: “I wash with a gentle spin, shake back into shape. Works well for me.”

A third explained: “I never wash pillows, I use a cotton pillow protector that can be washed on high temperature, put pillows outside to air when its sunny and if they do get stained I just replace them”.

“It depends on what pillow you have, I don't wash mine but I do put pillow protector on them before the clean pillow case is put on,” another posted.

Others could relate to her situation as one person shared: “I know that feeling oh to well.”

Another revealed: “Laughing with relief because that’s exactly what happened to mine!” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

“Same for me as well,” another added.

According to Persil, many cotton, down and synthetic pillows can be put in the washing machine.

But you should always refer to the care instructions before doing this.

Things to remember, however, is that they can take a long time to dry, your washing machine needs to be big enough to fit the pillows and the fabric of the case needs to be robust.

Foam pillows shouldn’t be put in the washing machine.