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PCB Toaster Oven Solders Your Boards

Jul 23, 2023Jul 23, 2023

Using a toaster oven to reflow PCBs isn’t anything new, but just using a toaster oven has some limitations. Making toast isn’t as complex as reflowing PCBs. [Nabil] decided to modify an oven to get better results. In fact, this was the second iteration and involved making a custom PCB to replace the one in the oven. You can see the unit in the video below.

Of course, unless you have the exact oven (a Breville BOV450XL), you won’t want to duplicate the board, but it might give you some good ideas. The new board has a 2.8-inch capacitive LCD, an ESP32, and a few sensors and actuators.

The other addition was an exhaust fan, which is a good idea, considering what you put inside. There’s also Raspberry Pi and lots of new holes in the case. Apparently, the oven was able to produce boards even with basic software using proportional control.

We’ve seen similar builds, but everyone has a little different take. This isn’t even the first one we’ve seen with a touchscreen.