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Murata Addresses Emerging Autonomous Driving Functions with Latest Drip

Jun 29, 2023Jun 29, 2023


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.President:Norio Nakajima

Leading electronics manufacturer Murata has today announced the introduction of a new ultrasonic sensor device intended for deployment in automotive applications. With high-sensitivity and rapid responsiveness, the MA48CF15-7N is housed in a hermetically-sealed package to protect against liquid ingress.

With vehicle designs set to incorporate higher levels of autonomy, more accurate short/medium-range object detection mechanisms are going to be needed. Through the emission of ultrasonic waves and subsequent detection of their reflections, it is possible to determine an object's presence, as well as gauging its distance away.

Capable of covering a wide detection range, from 15cm all the way to 550cm, the MA48CF15-7N delivers high obstacle detection accuracy. It generates a beam across an angle of 120° by 60°. The 1100pF±10% capacitance (at 1kHz) is another important aspect, with the narrow deviation exhibited meaning that no transformer adjustment is required.

The resonant frequency is 48.2±1.0kHz and there is a 35±10 Q value for improved usability plus better temperature performance. Tolerances on these two parameters are reduced by 50% compared to previous Murata models, enabling much smaller variations in the detection characteristics of individual units.

You can get more information on Murata’s MA48CF15-7N by going to: LINK

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