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AGV and AMR Market to cross 2,400,000 installed base of Mobile Robots by 2027 with $18B TAM

Jul 08, 2023Jul 08, 2023

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06 Feb, 2023, 09:20 ET

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NEW DELHI, Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As per LogisticsIQ latest market research study, Mobile Robots (AGV and AMR) Market is expected to reach more than 18 Billion by 2027 with a growth rate of around 24% and 43% for AGV and AMR respectively. Both AGVs and AMRs collectively are going to cross the installed base of 2.4 million in 2027 to make the mobile robots a new normal in our day-to-day operational activities.

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Highlights of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) Market

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Top Factors & Challenges

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The 3rd edition of this post-pandemic AGV and AMR business research is having a market analysis of more than 600 players (part of our exclusive AGV/AMR Market Map) by Key Navigation Technologies, Major Form factors & Functions, Targeted Industry Verticals & Applications, and 20+ geographical regions. Analysis is validated through 80+ in-depth interviews across the value chain with components and technology providers, system integrators, robot manufacturers (OEM/ODM), robotic software & service providers, and end-user industry verticals. Apart this, study also focuses on different components and integral parts of AGV/AMR like Motion Control, Batteries & Chargers, Cameras / Vision Sensor, LiDAR, Sensor Fusion, QR Code and Wireless Communication. Market size and forecast database is also available in excel format to analyse and strategize further along with 156 market tables.

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